The Dark side of Healthcare
( Vita rockar – till vilket pris? )

Reveals that simple surgical instruments, as well as patient wear, are produced for Swedish hospitals in unacceptable working conditions that even leads to environmental destruction.

The film shows that Swedish tax money is funding production that violates the human rights of workers in India and Pakistan.

Although private companies have been demanding suitable working conditions for the last ten years, Swedish county councils have not any such ethical demands. How is this possible?


Production year: 2007
Production Company: LottaFilm, Sweden
Language: English, Swedish
Duration: 20 minutes

Director: Lotta Ekelund, Kristina Bjurling
Photo: Lotta Ekelund, Nouman Younas, Amudhan Rp
Research and interviews: Kristina Bjurling
Editing: Lotta Ekelund
Music: Mattias Areskog

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